1st CIPM STG-CENV • Stakeholder meeting • 16-18 September 2024 • BIPM • Sèvres (France)

Call for abstracts

New Abstract deadline: June, 14 2024

Those submitting abstracts for the stakeholder meeting should address either of the following topics:
  • Activities that are being undertaken to address the recommendations from the topics covered in the BIPM-WMO 2022 workshop, especially those that have led to collaborative activities between the Observation and Metrology communities, or
  • New initiatives within or related to the BIPM-WMO 2022 workshop themes, with new measurement and metrology challenges, that would benefit from collaborative work between the Observation and Metrology communities.
Note: Registration for the event will be free for all participants whose abstracts are accepted.
Call for abstracts

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While we will take your preferences into consideration, we cannot guarantee all requests for oral presentations. Those accepted to give oral presentations will be invited to attend the meeting in-person. All accepted abstracts, posters and presentations recorded during the meeting will be publicly available.